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When your life and work seem to be repeating themselves, you may begin to consider traveling. And you may have a favorite destination that you visit once a year, or maybe you enjoy traveling to new places. 

Getting out and traveling can have numerous advantages for both your mental and physical health. It is mentally stimulating to travel to new places and immerse yourself in new cultures.

So, Go and Get your health back by traveling to new destinations.

Enjoy the moments, alone, with family, with friends or with co-workers. 

On this page you can book all your travel requirements right away.

  • Book your flight ticket
  • Rent a car
  • Rent a Bike
  • Book your stay
  • Travel often? – Get your World’s cheapest Travelsim.
  • Book all your Mental Health/Weight loss/Yoga retreat

*Please read CDC’s Travel Guidelines for your Destination before your travel.

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Is this the right time to travel?

If we are talking about this in August 2022, You have to check three things about your Travel destination.1. Heatwaves 2. Monkeypox and 3.Covid-19.

1. Heatwaves

Please check the heatwaves/high-temperature conditions of your destination. So that you could make your arrangements according to it. You may need to postpone your travel for a couple of days or a week.

2. Monkeypox

Monkeypox outbreak is a recent threat along with covid-19 infections in the non-endemic countries. Please check the monkeypox infections data for your destination, you may avoid traveling or take safety measures accordingly. Take the Monkeypox vaccine if required, please consult with your physician about this.


If you are updated on your covid-19 vaccines and following new normal (wearing masks, washing hands with soap and water, social distancing) you may less worry about covid-19 now. However, please be aware of the infection case data of your destination.

Is this Travel necessary?

Travel has many priorities, but we should think and decide. Even though most of the countries relaxed their restrictions that does not mean you are safe from getting covid-19 infections and the recent outbreak of Monkeypox.

According to CDC as of August 12, 2022, there are 31799 Monkeypox Infection cases worldwide. So you need to take safety measures if you are traveling to monkeypox outbreak countries.

Ask yourself. Is this travel necessary? If you think this travel is necessary, Please read CDC’s Travel guide for before, during, and after travel complete guidelines, and prepare yourself for the travel.


Covid-19 Essential Travel Check List

travel Check list

Covid-19 - Avoid or Postpone Travel Situations.

Travel Safety

Covid-19 Safety Buy

What is a Travel Sim Card?

A travel SIM card allows you to connect to a local network in many different countries around the world.

When you are using a Travel sim you can avoid paying exorbitant roaming fees that your local operator or carrier may charge higher when you travel abroad.

Whereas purchasing a local SIM card may be slightly less expensive if you are staying in the same country for an extended period. A travel SIM is a far more flexible option for frequent travelers, especially if you have multiple destinations on your itinerary.

The purpose of travel SIM cards is to provide convenience.

Benefits of using a Travel SIM card such as Travelsim

Having a single SIM card for multi-country travel is a huge time saver.

• You can track your spending and top up your account online without having to deal with any language difficulties.

• You get low data rates all across the world.

• Because international SIM cards are built expressly for travel, you get more coverage than the usual SIM card.

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