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Pregnancy Due Date Calculator Based on Last Period

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Free Pregnancy Calculator | Due Date, Conception Date Calculation

Pregnancy Calculator

Due Date, Conception Date Calculation Results:

The LMP is the day on which woman’s ovaries produce an egg. 
This can happen between days and 14 of her first menstrual cycle. If she hasn’t had period since then, it’s possible she’s pregnant.

During ovulation, an egg leaves the ovary and travels down the fallopian tube. If you’re trying to get pregnant, ovulation is the best time to get pregnant. Ovulation occurs only once per cycle, and it can take place at any time between days 1 and 14.

 The day a female ovulates, indicating that she is fertile is called Conception Date (CD). 

The menstrual cycle is usually used to determine this. Woman is considered pregnant if she has not had a period in at least 10 days.

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