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Vitall - Best Home Testing Kits UK

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What are Home Medical Tests?

At-home medical tests, often known as home use tests, are kits available for purchase online or in your local pharmacy or supermarket. The kits allow you to test for, screen, and monitor specific diseases and conditions in the comfort of your own home.

Most test kits require you to take a sample of a body fluid, such as blood, urine, or saliva, and apply it to the kit as indicated. Some tests yield instant results, while others must be packaged and mailed to a lab. Many kits are accessible without a prescription, but you should still seek guidance from your doctor on which kits to use.

What is Vitall?

Vitall is a premium Home health testing service that gives you the information you need to proactively improve your health. 

With professional, certified laboratory results and clear health guidance, Vitall is leading the way towards a healthier society.

Comprehensive Range of Tests

The Vitall home testing kits cover a comprehensive range of medical concerns and factors.

  • Sport, lifestyle, and general health programs are available to ensure you’re getting the scientific info you need to get the most out of your vocations or passions.
  • Vitall offers the full spectrum of sexual health (STI) tests, including HIV, gonorrhoea, chlamydia, and hepatitis.
  • Keep track of your hormones and fertility, or monitor your thyroid, cortisol, or menopausal progression.
  • Maintain your nutrition with information about vitamin levels, cholesterol, HbA1c, and liver function.
  • Test your bone health, request a full blood count, identify infection, and measure inflammation and immunity markers.
  • Support your sobriety with drug & alcohol tests.

No Doctor Visits

You can be in control of your health testing regime with Vitall, with no need for appointments, referrals, or time off work. 

Most tests return confidential results within 24 hours, with outstanding communication at every step.

Only the highest-quality tests available are offered, and these are processed by the same high-tier certified laboratories that you would expect from the best medical professionals.

Vitall provides medical convenience, privacy, and informed decision-making. 

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