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You are responsible for 1 Million Covid-19 deaths in the USA.

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You are responsible for 1 Million Covid-19 deaths in the USA.

May 21, 2022 | 4 Mins read.

People of the USA are Grieving as the number of Covid-19 deaths in the United States exceeds one million this week. Who is responsible for these 1 Million deaths?. You are. Yes, you are responsible for 1 Million covid-19 deaths in the USA.

 When looking at the numbers, all of us become lugubrious.

Most families have lost their elders in the family, which means, most of the kids lost their Grandpas and Grannies. And most middle-aged people lost their parents. 

Having elders at home is a blessing. Just think, without the elders how their families will suffer, and how many of them are still with desiderium and unable to be resilient

What is more to worry about you know? The pandemic is still not getting over. 

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Who is to blame for these one million death? Who is responsible?.

You are responsible. We all are responsible for this. Unintentionally and deliberately we spread the virus that killed one million people.

Deliberately?. Yes, We spread the virus (Which means when we know the preventive methods and we are not willing to follow them).

 Even after one million deaths, if we don’t know how the virus spread and take the lives of all innocents around us, no one will be an idiot as we are. 

According to CDC, While comparing the Covid-19 infection cases with last Month’s same date,

7days moving average as of April 19 – 40992

7days moving average as of May 19 – 101029


The 7days moving average as of April 18 – 1570

7days moving average as of May 18 – 3332


7days moving average as of April 19 -368

7days moving average as of May 19 – 279

Covid-19 Infections and Hospitalizations are on the rise, and deaths are a little lower. 

Can you hear what the message these numbers are saying to us?

Yes! as President Biden said, “We must remain vigilant against this pandemic and do everything we can to save as many lives as possible.”

We may think that Omicron’s  BA.2.12.1 and BA.2 variants are the reason for this recent amok, but surely not. 

We are the reason. We make the variants work, we make them spread, and we make them mutate, and that’s how these covid-19 variants work. 

Can you believe “Social Distancing” make a BIG difference in covid-19 infections? I knew that we all know about it, but why are still the variants getting mutations?. 

We knew it, but we will not follow that. Why do you know? because that’s what we are.

Experts say that there are more variants to come. So, who is responsible to end this pandemic?. Federal government? CDC? or FDA?. No one but YOU. You make the difference.

I want to mention the word “REMAIN VIGILANT” again.

You may ask now, Myself and my family got vaccinated, and we are up to date on vaccines, How is the Covid-19 infection possible?. 

Well, we are not practicing preventive methods all the time. That’s the main reason. How?

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So, Where are the flaws happen?.

Let’s be clear, these are the simple tricks You may know all of these already, but you should follow from now to stop the killing of our people.

Social Distancing - Keep your distance!

I believe that not following the Covid-19 rule “Social Distancing” made this pandemic worse.

We live with our family, relatives, and friends, that is the human way of living, that is the plus for us, and that is a double plus for the covid-19 viruses to infect us.

People who are very careful in social distancing when they are going out, or traveling in public transport, are breaking this rule when it comes to family, relatives, and friends.

WHO’s recommendation is a 1-meter social distance (3feets), or CDC’s 1.8 meters (6 feet) social distance, Keep your distance from the people even your family, relatives, or friends.

Don’t ask me how to maintain social distancing with our own family, relatives, and friends, you knew it.

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Covid-19 Vaccines - Get it today!

Get yourself and your family Vaccinated. Get all your doses, and be updated on the vaccine schedule. All the clinical trials proved that vaccines fight against covid-19 viruses.

I’m getting Covid-19 infection even after my boosters, then Why should I get vaccinated? Well. You may get infection or reinfection and you may suffer from a Long haul, but vaccines prevent you from covid-19 severity, hospitalizations, and death. 

Everyone wants to live a happy life for a long time, don’t you?

Dear Antivaxxers, It is your right to get vaccinated or avoid it, but think about the other people suffering because of you. Because we are all living in the same community, we should help each other, we should not kill each other. Request you to get vaccinated. 

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Covid -19 Masks - Wear it Now!

It looks crazy what people are thinking about wearing a mask. It is your life, don’t wait for the Federal government or CDC to ask you to wear a mask.  Don’t you know that Covid-19 is airborne?. Do you need approval from anyone to protect yourself and your family and your community?.

Wear a protective mask, wear it when you are stepping out of your home, and don’t remove the mask until you come back home after work or college or school. 

Remove the mask to drink water or eat your lunch at your workplace. Don’t eat lunch when crowded, no handshakes, no hugs, not standing or sitting close to the people who are not living in your home.

Covid -19 Testing - Take a test today

Test to treat”, taking covid-19 tests to treat ourselves if we are infected and we may prevent others too. Covid-19 symptoms of mild now, We should take tests often whether we are taking them at testing centers or from home test kits. 

Hand Wash - Wash your hands now!

Washing hands with soap and water or using sanitizer whenever required. When I say “Whenever”, you know it already. Please do it.

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Immunity & Sleep - Improve It!

Sleep for 7 to 8 hours a day. Sleep improves your immunity.

Add Fruits and Vegetables to your diet and add immune-boosting foods. Reduce eating processed, sugary, and junk foods. Try to avoid eating outside, Prepare healthy food at home and eat. 

Hey! what’s new in there?. Nothing new in there, and all of these preventive methods have already been told to you, thousands of times to follow, but you are not following that. 

So, don’t be the reason for more deaths in our country. Follow these simple preventive methods from now on. Protect yourself from covid infection, protect your family, protect our community, and protect our country. 

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